Music App

I’ve created a social platform where users can share music of their own. Authors can upload their own music and share it with the community, other members can listen to the published songs and albums.

The app allows authors to create albums and add as many songs as needed to the album. After the albums is published, it will appear in the main page, users can also find new music on the explore module, where they can apply a couple of filters to find new music.

The platforms allow members to follow other authors and users, each user will have an individual timeline on the profile page, this timeline will show activities from the following users.

Users can also contact other members using the messaging system.

About the technology

For the backend I used Laravel, A PHP framework to build applications. Laravel is responsible to access the data from the MySQL database and give it to the client through a REST API.

The client is an Angular application, all the data is send back end forth using fetch.

For the client I used Webpack to automate the builds, Babel to compile ES6 to ES5 and add support for older browsers.

This app is deployed to production and now serving around 25K registered users, but in addition to that I decided to sell the software so other people can also create their own communities.

You should take a look at the demo version, or perhaps you might want to create your own community? If that’s the case, please consider buying this software.

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My trip to India

I have returned home from a trip to India. It was my first time visiting that country, and it was a great experience. I had the opportunity to learn about the culture and how their society functions, based on their religious beliefs. I met a lot of people and spent a lot of time talking with them about their culture, traditions, festivals, religions and many other interesting subjects.

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